The number of Google Fonts is ever increasing, but finding high quality fonts on the site is as difficult as ever. You want a font that works as body text, and that comes in multiple weights and styles. If you also want the font to be of a certain kind, like Slab serif fonts, the Google Font site really doesn’t cut the mustard. That is why I created this list — I hope you will find it useful.

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Sans Serif

Theese categories are ones that I find useful when looking for fonts. If you are interested in real typography classification this article gives a good introduction.

Sans Serif

  • Humanist

    Sans serif fonts with hints of calligraphic influence.

  • Cabin

    Cabin Font

  • Open Sans

    Open Sans Font

  • Raleway

    Raleway Font

  • Alegreya Sans

    Alegreya Sans Font

  • Merriweather Sans

    Merriweather Sans Font

  • PT Sans

    PT Sans Font

  • Distinctive

    Fonts with stronger personalities, to some extent at the cost of legibility and familiarity. Good choice if you want something that stands out.

  • Signika

    Signika Font

  • Yanone Kaffeesatz

    Yanone Kaffeesatz Font

  • Amaranth

    Amaranth Font

  • Clean

    High quality modern fonts, made to ensure legibility in all kinds of sizes, displays, and languages. Great fonts for user interfaces.

  • Source Sans Pro

    Source Sans Pro Font

  • Droid Sans

    Droid Sans Font

  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Font

  • Oxygen

    Oxygen Font

  • Geometric

    Fonts that rely on geometrical shapes, like circlular ‘o’ letters. Generally give a more mechanical/neutral/cold feeling than humanist fonts.

  • Lato

    Lato Font

  • Exo 2

    Exo 2 Font

  • Roboto

    Roboto Font

  • Josefin Sans

    Josefin Sans Font

  • Montserrat

    Montserrat Font

  • Muli

    Muli Font

  • Titillium Web

    Titillium Web Font

  • Jura

    Jura Font

  • Orbitron

    Orbitron Font

  • Karla

    Karla Font

  • Rounded

  • Dosis

    Dosis Font

  • Varela Round

    Varela Round Font

  • Nunito

    Nunito Font


  • Old style

    Old style fonts have strong calligraphic influence, most notable in the leaning axis of the letters (look at the ‘o’s).

  • Cardo

    Cardo Font

  • Alegreya

    Alegreya Font

  • Vollkorn

    Vollkorn Font

  • Gentium Book Basic

    Gentium Book Basic Font

  • Almendra

    Almendra Font

  • Transitional

    Transitional fonts have a less strong calipgraphic influence, as can be seen it that the letters are now completely upright (look at the o’s and e’s. Also known as Neoclassical or Realist.

  • Merriweather

    Merriweather Font

  • PT Serif

    PT Serif Font

  • Droid Serif

    Droid Serif Font

  • Domine

    Domine Font

  • Libre Baskerville

    Libre Baskerville Font

  • Old Standard TT

    Old Standard TT Font

  • Neuton

    Neuton Font

  • Didone

    Didone fonts have extreme stroke contrasts, between the thinnest and and the thickest parts of the letters.

  • Playfair Display

    Playfair Display Font

  • Rufina

    Rufina Font

  • Slab Serif

    Slab serif fonts have prominent straight lined serifs at the ends of many letters.

  • Josefin Slab

    Josefin Slab Font

  • Lora

    Lora Font

  • Rokkitt

    Rokkitt Font

  • Roboto Slab

    Roboto Slab Font

  • Arvo

    Arvo Font

  • Podkova

    Podkova Font

  • Arbutus Slab

    Arbutus Slab Font

  • Bitter

    Bitter Font

  • Kreon

    Kreon Font

That’s all for now! I intend to keep this post updated, so please let me know if you think I’m missing any hiqh quality font.

Jonas Ohlsson

Front end developer and web enthusiast with a background in cognitive science.

4 responses to “The Best Of Google Fonts — By Category”

  1. chartreusenotobtuse says:

    Great list, and I really appreciate how you have displayed a title and body of your typeface samples: it makes it easy to see whether or not I want to bother downloading that font. Very nicely organized, too, by category… makes this list super useful and easy to use.

  2. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like the list.

  3. Matija Erceg says:

    nice list!

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